Tag Tuesday: What’s in My Uni Bag

For the past month I’ve been going into uni most days for Honours (which will get it’s own post at some point), and that means bringing some sort of bag device with me to carry all of my stuff.  I’ve been at uni for four years now, and over those four years I’ve experimented with A LOT of different bags/backpacks/satchels for taking stuff to uni in.  I really love my current bag though, and it’s practically perfect in every way, so I thought I’d share it with you.



This is my uni bag (it looks a bit out of shape because of the angle etc). It’s from Kikki K’s 2015 autumn/winter range of leather bags, and was called the Elsa or something like that.  As you can see, it’s burgundy (which makes me happy).  It’s got a little magnetic pocket at the front and A LOT of storage space inside the bag itself (including a laptop compartment that fits my 12″ macbook comfortably).  It was a birthday present from my mum but I think it cost around $300 or so, which is insanely good value for a really well made leather bag.  Basically I 100% recommend the Kikki K bags if you’re looking for a well made, durable leather handbag that looks good but can also fit ALL of your uni/work stuff in it.  They’ve currently got 40% off the range at the moment (I assume to prepare for this year’s Autumn/Winter bags) if you’re interested.


As you can see, I carry a lot of stuff with me to uni each day.  The contents does vary slightly depending on what class I have/what I’m focusing on, but in general this is a standard day’s worth of stuff.


The first thing I keep in my bag is this Scotland tote bag and my little notebooks.  EVERYONE thinks these are passports, but they’re actually just tiny A6 Moleskine notebooks I bought whilst I was in the UK.  I have one for each subject, and I use them to write down the call numbers/titles/authors/other details of books/sources I think I might need for my research and projects. SUPER handy.  And obviously the bag is to put the books in.  Seeing as I’m writing my thesis about Scotland, it fills me with joy to keep my books in a Scotland bag.


Next is my water bottle. Not super exciting, but one of the most important things in there! I’m really trying to drink at least three bottles of water everyday because it’s super good for you.  And if I remember my bottle it means I don’t need to pay for one at uni!


My laptop sits in it’s own little pocket in the bag which is padded to provide it with extra protection (which is good because this thing is seriously like my baby).  I get a lot of shit for having a gold laptop (don’t ask me why, some people are just sad), but honestly getting this Macbook was the best decision I’ve ever made.  It’s the new one (so not an Air or a Pro, just a Macbook), it’s 12 inches, it weighs less than a kilo, and it’s just so damn portable.  I genuinely don’t know how I survived without this!

The fourth thing in my bag are my notebooks.   The first three notebooks are all for uni: Religion and Politics in Early Modern Europe, my thesis notebook, and my Common Course notes from left to right. So they’re my uni notebooks.  They hold both my seminar notes for EME and the Common Course, as well as all my research notes/essay brainstorming.  The burgundy and black notebooks are both my diaries.  I don’t use a traditional diary or planner, instead I have a bullet journal which works SO much better.  My black journal is my bullet joural, which has weekly and monthly spreads, general lists, and all of my random notes that I take during my general existence.  The burgundy one is a Moleskine Professional notebook which I use as a daily planner.  I might do a more detailed review of my system, but for now I’ll just say it works for me.  And no, I CANNOT use my phone as a diary. It. Doesn’t. Work.


Next up is my little ‘makeup’ pouch that doesn’t actually have any makeup in it (except for the occasional lipstick).  I basically use this pouch to store all the stuff I don’t want floating around in my bag.  At the moment, it holds tissues, hand sanitiser, a nail file, an energy roller ball, lip balm, blister plasters, nurofen, my ear phones, and my portable charger for my phone.  Also it’s from Harrods so it makes me happy.


You can’t have notebooks without having pens, and if you’re anything like me you like to have LOTS of pens.  At the moment I’m literally carrying around an entire packet of Bic ballpoint pens (and a blue highlighter because blue = uni/history) because I have an awful habit of losing pens.  I traditionally write with black pens but I have a bit of an issue and so I have to write with blue pens in my honours notebooks. Don’t judge.


Last but not least, the fun stuff.  My purse (obviously) holds all my money and loyalty cards which enable me to eat and/or procrasti-shop.  My Cath Kidston travel card holder contains my bus card (which I don’t currently use as I drive to uni with A), my student ID card (which I frequently use to enter building and borrow books), and my State Library card in case I need it for anything.  My keys let me into my house (and have my East German man keyring and my Scotland charms).

And that’s everything. Occasionally I’ll also have lunch in there but I’m pretty unorganised in the mornings so that’s not usually a thing.

Perhaps it seems like a lot, perhaps it seems like nothing! Let me know if you think I’m missing something!




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