Tag Tuesday: Happiness

The Happiness Tag – LovedBySteph

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1. What food makes you happy? Super random, but thick rice cakes with vegemite. Or apples and cheese.  Or VitaBrits with butter and honey. I’m a child.

giphy (16).gif

2. What movie makes you happy? Lord of the Rings, or anything by Hayao Miyazaki.

giphy (17).gif

3. What song makes you happy? Pompeii, Bastille. It makes me think of walking through Edinburgh with snow on the ground.

4. What item of clothing makes you happy? I deliberately don’t own clothes unless they make me happy, but out of all my clothes I’d have to say my coats make me the happiest.  I just love coats.

giphy (9).gif
Genuinely how I feel about coats

5. What’s your happiest memory? I don’t know if I have just one happiest memory. I felt really fucking happy stepping out of my taxi onto the Royal Mile in January and feeling like I was finally home!

giphy (14).gif

6. What beauty product makes you happy? Probably one of my MAC lipsticks – Russian Red, Verve, or Rebel.

giphy (11).gif

7. What do you do to make yourself better when you feel down? Puffies, bed, and something on Netflix.  Or just nap.

giphy (13).gif

8. List three random things that make you happy. Gifs, Ben Wyatt (and Parks and Rec in general),

giphy (15).gif


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