My Dad is a Champion

If you know me, chances are you already know that my dad is a bit of a boss. In fact, even if you just read this blog you might know that, considering I wrote a blog post about how he and my little brothers climbed to Everest Base Camp in January.

Well today’s post is pretty similar.  Today (Wednesday 20th April 2016) my dad got on a plane to Stockholm to begin a 14-18 month hike through Europe.  His journey will start in Nordkapp (in the Arctic Circle) and take him through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and finally across to Sicily.

He has a blog about his adventures so it would be cool if you went and checked it out occasionally (although I’ll probably be sharing those posts on here when they pop up).

Basically, I’m just super proud of my amazing dad and everything he’s doing, and thought that the internet needed to know.


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