Moving Blogs: We’re Going on an Adventure

This will come as no surprise if you know me (or A), but in December/early next year we’re moving to Edinburgh.

That’s right, I’m going home (again).


I really want to try and document this moving process because a) It’s probably the biggest move we’re ever going to do in our lives and b) it gives me something to write about that is at least somewhat travel related (this blog has been FAR heavier on the wondering side of things recently).

So that’s it. We’re moving. We don’t know how long for yet, but we know we’re going.

December is 7.5 months away, so we’ve got about that long (maybe a bit longer) to sort everything out.  That sounds like ages, but when I think about all the paperwork, organising, packing, and general kerfuffle involved in moving your life overseas I begin to panic slightly.  Then again I’m so busypanicking about uni that I barely have time to notice moving panic.

It’s the small victories.

Anyway, that’s the news.  I’ll be trying to keep you all updated fairly regularly with progress/set backs/general goings on regarding the big move, and let me know if there’s anything particular you want me to talk about!




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