Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has gotten a bit of a bad wrap in recent years.  It’s become popular to hate it, put it down as another consumerist, heteronormative holiday that doesn’t take into account increasing diversity in the ‘modern family’.

To be honest, I think all this is missing the point.

Mother’s Day is about dedicating one day in the year to say thank you to the mother figures in our lives.  Obviously we all (should) appreciate what our mum’s and mother figures have done and continue to do for us every day, but Mother’s Day provides a specific day to focus this energy.

You can buy gifts.  You can cook your mum breakfast in bed.  You can go out for a nice lunch.  You can have a nice walk together.  You could give her a call.  You could post a message on Facebook.  The point is, Mother’s Day is about saying thank you, your way.

Obviously not everyone still has their mum around, or even had a mum in the first place. Some women are unable to conceive children, and some women has no interest in having children. But that doesn’t mean that we as a society can’t have a day to say thank you to mothers.

Basically, mums and mother figures are awesome, regardless of what form they take (biological, close friend/family, mentor, teacher, whatever). And I think that the least they deserve is one day dedicated to reminding us all of that.

So, happy Mother’s day to my amazing mum, A’s amazing mum, Jocie, Nana, and all the other amazing mum’s I know.  You’re all great, and even if we don’t always say it we’re insanely grateful for everything you do for us, and know that we’d be pretty damn useless without you!


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