6 Things I Learned from Dogsitting 6 Dogs at Once

I’m a dogsitter.  It’s kind of my thing now. As a result of that, this long weekend I had the joy/terror of having SIX dogs in my house all at once.  Not little dogs either. Six big dogs. 2 Kelpies, 2 English Pointers, and 2 Golden Retrievers.

I learned a lot this weekend, which I wasn’t quite expecting.

  1. I am SO not ready for children. 
    Being woken up at 7am on Saturday morning by four dogs who wanted love and play time and to go out and ham (don’t ask) made me realise just how much I value my sleep.  Combine this with the fact my bedtime was around 1:30am because none of them could all get comfortable at once and the pointers kept trying to sneak onto my bed (they succeeded in the end, I’m only human and I NEEDED SLEEP), and let’s just say the 8:30am poop patrol was not my brightest hour.
  2. I am SUCH a dog person.
    This was probably made obvious by the fact I actually agreed to have six dogs at once in one house (also this proves that I’m insane). Even more, I actually enjoyed having so many dogs around.  It was obviously a lot of hard work, but it was work that I loved doing. Dogs are the best.  That said, I probably wouldn’t want six all the time…
  3. You can always underestimate how much poop dogs produce.
    I was doing poop patrol every day over the weekend, and yet I still managed to always fill the bag at least half way (these are big bags for poop).  Dogs poop a lot.  Six dogs…well…that’s just crazy.
  4. Proper socialisation is SO important.
    One of A’s parents’ Kelpies (aka ‘my’ dog) Maggie was not super well socialised as a puppy.  As a result, she is absurdly shy/terrified of other dogs.  Holly (our other Kelpie) was great, trotting around for a bit, chilling out, occasionally snapping if someone tried to overthrow her position as top dog.  Maggie spent most of the weekend in her kennel looking as though I’d unleashed a hoard of dog-sized spider demons on her.
  5. Different dog breeds are all so..well…different
    Obviously breeds look different, but I think it can sometimes be easy to forget how different their personalities are. Whilst it does come down to individual dogs, there are some common traits between breed that become really obvious when you’re looking after so many.
  6. I know which breed of dog I need.
    I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to work out what breed of dog I want, because let’s be real I want them all. After this weekend though, I think I’ve realised I need a golden retriever.  They’re just the most gorgeous dogs (both looks and personality), and I really just need one ok.

*I will hopefully upload photos at some point, internet is being too slow atm


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