A Blast from the Past

I had a brainwave last night and decided to hunt down my old blog that I kept in first year and transfer it over onto my current account. If you’re interested, the link is https://rachelwritesandblogs.wordpress.com

Let me tell you, that was a trip down memory lane.

I haven’t read any of these posts since I abandoned the site in favour of RachelAlsoWrites in 2014, and it was really interesting to read over some of them. My first year blog, Missing Deadlines and Forgetting the Dishes, really just began as a way for me to keep everyone back in Victoria up to date with what I was doing after I’d moved away for university. Now, it’s just a hilarious public diary for me to look back on and laugh at. I’ve never really been a diary person, so having blog posts from the past is kinda cool (like the Facebook memories feature but less horrifically mortifying).

I might revisit some of the tags I used to do, or share discussions I had and then add my 21 year old thoughts to them, but for now it’s nice just having it there for me to look at (and shake my head at).


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