The Less Than Ideal Side of Dog Sitting

I dogsit. It’s fucking great. It’s like babysitting but with dogs instead of babies, which is obviously far superior, because dogs.


Unfortunately, as with every job ever, there are some down sides to dog sitting. Considering I currently have 5 dogs outside in disgrace, now seemed like a good time to discuss them.

1. There’s so much poop. I don’t think you can accurately visualise how much poop multiple dogs produce until you have to pick it up. I’ll give you a clue. It’s a lot.


2. There’s bound to be a few casualties/disobedient moments. Today, the two English Pointers I look after tore our door guard/draft blocker to literal shreds. The Golden Retriever puppy I look after sometimes at some of our cork floor. Two of the dogs took advantage of me opening the gate earlier and ran across the road (eep) into our neighbours garage. And don’t even think about leaving out food/dishes/bins.


3. They don’t speak english. Try explaining to a dog what they’ve done wrong. Especially if they’ve done it whilst you were asleep/in the shower/doing something else. They have no fucking clue. Also, sometimes they don’t even understand (or listen to) commands such as “out” or “off”.

don't understand.gif

4. It’s constant. Our dogs, Maggie and Holly, are really fucking chill.  You wanna go out for the day, then chill on the couch or in bed all evening? No fucking problem.  They’ll just sleep. Other dogs, however, require near constant attention/supervision. They’re there first thing in the morning when you wake up (or before) wanting treats, breakfast, love, walks, to go outside, or whatever else dogs want.  You have to convince them to go to bed (easier said than done).  You have to explain that they can’t come and sit in the bathroom whilst you shower because it’s weird (they do anyway).  It also means there’s constant doggy distractions whilst I’m trying to study.


5. You have to return them. Despite the fact that they can be menaces, on the whole it sucks when you have to give them back.  What do you mean no more golden retriever/labrador snuggles?




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