Things That Actually Help

This fortnight has been a bit of a shitstorm of negative feels and general meh-ness.


As a result, I thought I’d share with you a list of things that actually help me when I’m feeling a bit not so good. Because let’s be real here, we all know that what we should do is get dressed, do some sort of exercise outdoors, and soak up all that good old vitamin D. But most times we won’t. Because when life is shit, the last thing you want to do is burpees.

  1. Dogs. Cuddle dogs. Look at pictures of dogs. Walk dogs (even gets you that exercise). Think about dogs. Brainstorm dog names. Basically anything dog related except illegal stuff (e.g. stealing dogs). Dogs are fucking great, and they’re guaranteed to cheer me up. (Heads up: Instagram and Buzzfeed Animals have lots of dogs).
  2. Nostalgic TV shows/books/movies. I’m all about nostalgia. The best bit about this is that it’s different for everyone. At the moment, my nostalgia of choice is the 1995(ish) Famous Five TV series, and, as always, good old Lord of the Rings. Other featured comfort shows/books include The Lion King, anything by Tamora Pierce, or Gossip Girl.
  3. The comfiest PJs possible. If I know I’m really having a shit day, I have a nice warm shower (and shave my legs – wild), and then get into my most comfy, snuggly, best PJs. Trust me, it helps.
  4. Comfort food. If I was a better person I’d probably tell you that good nutrition/not eating an entire block of chocolate is better for your physical health, but I’m not. Everything in moderation, right? So dig into whatever your favourite comfort food is – chocolate, lasagne, chicken pie, ice cream, mashed potato, pizza (yes I’m just listing my comfort foods don’t judge) and let yourself have one day of slobbery.
  5. Cuddles. This relates to point one. Cuddle people/dogs/soft toys/pillows/anything snuggly. Cuddles are the fucking best.
  6. Rant. I like to do my ranting either to A whilst he’s not really paying attention playing video games, to my BFF over crepes, or to myself in the shower. You can also journal. Just get it all off your chest. Cry if it helps. Crying is important. Basically just don’t bottle it all up because that’s super bad for you.
  7. Give yourself permission to have a day off. All of the above things require you to just let yourself have a day of feeling like a poop. Sometimes it can be better just to not push through it and go about your business. Trust me, nothing makes feeling down go away quite like a day of letting yourself wallow in it.*


*Important note: if a day turns into a longer period of time, or if you start having nasty thoughts, get help. BeyondBlue, LifeLine, Headspace, or your GP are good starting points.


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