Location Scouting

Well, it was a wonderful first week filled with holiday nothingness, but this week has been down to business. Well, a little bit down to business. Let’s not get carried away or anything.

Obviously, the two most important things to sort out at the moment are a flat and a job.

i'm an adult.gif

It will be unsurprising to most of you that I approached flat hunting with the same slightly obsessing list making neurotic planning that I approach a lot of things.* Not only did I make a list of saved properties on the property searching website, I also bookmarked select properties in a folder called “Houses”. I then organised them all by preference, wrote down a whole bunch of details in my notebook, and make a google map of all the different locations so that we could look at them, complete with colour coded markers.

I sort of wish I was kidding.



Obviously, one of the most important parts of flat hunting (or house hunting in general) is location. Location, location, location, right? Now, on the whole Edinburgh is a beautiful and safe city, so most of our location preferences came down to how close they were to things. Alex wanted a flat near one of the football stadiums (Tynecastle or Easter Road), whilst I was keen to be as close to the city as possible. We’ve settled on a few different areas together to centre our property search around, and started the process of querying agents and viewing flats etc.

The most exciting part so far was our little location scout we did on Monday. One of the areas of Edinburgh that’s most renowned for its beauty is Dean’s Village, and obviously I’d absolutely love to live there. We found a flat in the area, and decided to go for a quick walk to have a look around. Let’s just say that the area didn’t disappoint.

We’re inspecting the flat tomorrow, so we’ll see how things go. But regardless, I’m pretty confident that wherever we live, it will be gorgeous, close to the the city, and nice and homely!

*Note to self: be more spontaneous this year.



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