A Sunday in Glasgow

Bright and early on Sunday (well, actually, dark and early, because the sun wasn’t up yet because winter) Alex and I left Edinburgh for a day in Glasgow. Now, for reasons unknown to anyone except 2014/2015 Rachel, I had never actually been to Glasgow before. I’d driven through it, but I’d never actually set foot in Glasgow to walk around and stuff. I’d heard a few people say it was a bit dodgy/grungy, and quite frankly I love Edinburgh enough that I just never bothered to make the hour train journey.

But Alex booked tickets for both of us to go and watch Hearts play Celtic in Glasgow, so off we went.

I must say, we both misjudged Glasgow. It definitely gave us the Melbourne vibe that one of my friends had mentioned, and it’s undoubtably a much more city-like city than Edinburgh, but we both actually really liked it. We actually managed quite a bit of walking around the city centre between our trains and the game, and what we saw made us eager to go back and experience more of the city.

Also there was a puppy on the train back so that was great.

All in all, a good day, even if Harts did lose 0-4.

George Square
George Square
Much wider than Edinburgh’s old streets!
Apparently this is a Glaswegian thing…
GOMA sounds a bit sillier than MOMA
Is anyone else getting Prague vibes?
Mum this one is for you!
A beautiful day in Glasgow
Our walk to Celtic Park
Amazing old clock tower
The Doulton Fountain with the Templeton Building in the background
The People’s Palace
Close up detail of the Doulton Fountain
I don’t know what this is but it was cool so I took a photo of it
Political graffiti on the wall near Celtic Park
Two potatoes watching the football
Our view from the “nosebleed section”
Cool metal peacock statue



















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