Moving Day

We’re officially in our new flat.

We’d already paid for our AirB&B until the end of February when we got our flat, and because of the stress that was setting up UK bank accounts/utilities/internet/everything we decided to stay in our wifi filled AirB&B flat until the HAD to leave. Which was yesterday.

I must say, at the moment it feels a bit like just another AirB&B. Except for the fact that it’s filled with a lot more of our stuff. Like, a lot. Seriously, how did we accumulate so much crap in 2 months?

It’s exciting being in our home. It’s also a little bit scary. I mean, we have a legal contract that binds us to this flat until next February (I mean we could always break the lease but still). This is, you know, the real life adult stuff.


I’ll have a full on house tour for you all soon (maybe done in room-size chunks?), but for now here are just a few more photos of our neighbourhood, taken over the past few days of moving.


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