The Long Awaited Flat Tour

Three blog posts up in a row! What has this come to? Don’t get used to it, they’ll be spread out a bit more next week now that we have internet .

Today I have for you all the long awaited flat tour.

If I had to describe our flat in one word it would be cosy. Or wee, perhaps. It’s not the biggest flat, but it has everything we need. In fact, any more space would probably just be a bit annoying.

The first thing you see when you walk in is our boiler and shelves that hold my handbags, our shopping bags, and other miscellaneous items (currently: Alex’s hearts beanie, an empty drink bottle, a ruler, a sunglasses case, bin bags, and shoe spray). There are also little hooks at the bottom of the shelf where we hang our peg bag (for the communal washing lines in the courtyard) and our keys.


Next to the entrance way is our very wee kitchen. I’m not even kidding. That’s all there is of it. Two little burners, a washer/dryer, a sink, a built in fridge (literally living the dream), a built in oven, and some storage space. The star of our kitchen is Alex’s fancy knives (Gordon Ramsay’s favourite brand), which if we’re being honest I’m still a bit scared of using.


Also the view from the kitchen window. That’s a bit of a standout. wp-1489245312209.jpg

Leaving behind the little entrance area/kitchen, you enter the main room of the house. Our living room is a lovely size, one of the biggest we saw that was still nice and cosy. My favourite part is the little gas fire that keeps us nice and toasty. I’m even getting better at turning it on! There’s inbuilt storage behind the table, which is where we keep any of the bits and bobs we don’t use. The shelves have more than enough room for the few trinkets we brought over from Australia (books and ‘the friends’), which is lovely. The couch folds out into a futon bed, and although a bit firm to begin with is lovely to snuggle up on when watching TV.

Bonus points if you noticed the map of Scotland throw!


Our very own little fireplace

Through the little doorway near the window is Alex’s study. It’s a lovely little room, and seeing as we didn’t think we’d be able to find a flat with a separate study room for Alex’s computer, it was a lovely surprise. There’s also a chest of drawers we use for general storage, and a coat rail for our (read: my) coats and jumpers.


On the other side of the couch in the living room is the little hallway that leads to our bedroom suite. The bathroom is tiny, but has a toilet, a shower, and sink, so that’s all we need. It also took us a few days of living here before we noticed the bathroom doesn’t actually have a door (neither or us, or the agent, noticed during the inspection).


Finally is our bedroom. It, like everything else, is tiny, with JUST enough room for a double bed and a beside table, but that’s working out surprisingly well. There’s underbed storage for our clothes, and it’s quite nice to have such a small room as it’s easy to keep it tidy. There’s a little shelf above the bed where we keep our little granite animals, and a single bedside table where I can put my bed-related clutter. We bought the bedspread to match the cushions that came with the flat, and our little slogan pillow cases were a bargain buy from Primark!


And that’s it! I makes me think of all the family friends who used to come and visit my family’s house when we moved to Bendigo, who would always comment that my bedroom was “as big as their first flat!”. Despite it’s small size, it’s lovely and cosy, and I’m glad that we ended up living here.


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