Current Mood: Not. Impressed.

Apparently, WordPress doesn’t bother to inform you that if you remove any images from your media gallery, these images will also be permanently deleted from your already published blog posts.

As a result, almost every image I have posted to this blog over the past 3 years has been deleted from my posts. My gallery was running out of space (you only get 3GB), so I thought I’d clear it up by removing some of the images I’ve already posted to the blog. Big mistake.

I have also discovered that there is no way to restore these images, aside from manually reuploading them all and reinserting them into all of the blog posts. This will obviously take a while. On top of that, I’m not sure if I still have some of the other images saved elsewhere, so they may simply never appear.

Long story short, wordpress is annoying, and I’m now going to have to gradually reupload images back into the posts on my blog.



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