Sunny Days

We’ve been graced with some beautiful weather recently in Edinburgh. Most people, upon announcing my move to Scotland, were eager to tell me how much grey sky I would see, how I would miss the sunny skies of Australia, how I’d get tired of the rain. Firstly, I never got tired of the rain, and secondly, the sun does come out in places that aren’t Australia, even up here in dreich auld Scotland.

Currently, the sun sets at about 9.30pm, and it rises at around 5am. Summer days are long in Scotland. By the June solstice, the sun will rise at 4.25am, and won’t set again until 10pm in Edinburgh. Evenings are long and lazy, filled with late-ish dinners, strolls, and plenty of time left for sitting out and enjoying the sun.

The best part about Edinburgh’s sunny days is the temperature. At the moment, the highest it climbs is around 15 degrees, cool enough for jeans and a cardigan/jumper/jacket, but warm enough to happily bask in your t-shirt whenever you find a patch of sun. I despise being hot, it irritates me to my very core, so a springtime where the temperature never reaches 20 degrees is my ideal!

Hopefully we’ll have many more sunny days to come as Edinburgh ploughs into summer, filled with many more beautiful summer nights (that I may actually remember to take pictures of). For now, here are a few of my snapshots of Edinburgh in the sunlight!


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