BuJo Obsession

I am completely obsessed with my BuJo.

For those who remain uninitiated, a BuJo is a bullet journal. This is a planner, diary, journal, and to do list all in one, and I’m pretty obsessed.

I first discovered Bullet Journals back in 2015 when I was on exchange. I used them all year, but then stopped in 2016 in favour of a traditionally weekly-spread planner. I started up a bullet journal again in March of this year because I hated how inflexible a planner is, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The whole point of a bullet journal is that you can customise it to suit your needs. Some people have beautiful bullet journals with doodles and fancy calligraphy. Mine tends to be more minimalistic, predominately because I can’t draw, but also because I like to keep it simple and practical. I use my bullet journal to plan out my month, write daily to-do lists, keep track of my goals, income, and spending, make lists, take notes, and basically whatever else I need it for. I have an index at the front that I try to keep up to date, and I also use highlighters to colour code everything so I can find it at a glance.

My favourite thing about my bullet journal is how easy it is to change. One of the things I hate about traditional planners is how rigid they are. With my bujo, however, I can switch things up every month (or even week) so that it’s always working for me. I also like how I’m not limited to a style of monthly/weekly/daily spread, I can pick and mix for what suits me at the time.

Basically, the bullet journal is great because I never get bored of it. I hate using the calendar on my phone/gmail, I hate how inflexible traditionally planners are, and I hate having to have separate notebooks for everything. My BuJo fits into all of my handbags, so I can take it everywhere, and if I need to make a list, write a note, or anything else, I can just turn to the next blank page, no problems.

If you’re interested in the bullet journal system, I recommend checking out YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. I follow a lot of BuJo accounts on Instagram, and love using YouTube and Pinterest to get inspiration on how to shake up my BuJo and make it work even better. Of course, the best place to start is the official BuJo website, which has a handy video explaining how the system works. Of course, you can change the original system completely if you need to (I think all I really have left unchanged is the key), but it’s a good place to start until you feel more comfortable.

Basically, BuJos are awesome!


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