Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: The Week In Review

This week, I quit my tour guide job.

I really enjoyed it, and I was good at it, but I wasn’t getting any shifts and my manager wasn’t the best. In the end, it jus turned out not to be worth it. This means I’m back on the job hunt. This week I updated my resume, printed off a whole heap of copies, and started the depressing process of handing them out to shops. I’m also considering emailing some of the other tour companies based in Edinburgh to see if they need extra guides before/during the Fringe, but I haven’t quite decided yet. All this has put a bit of a negative spin on my week, but I’m confident that I made the right decision in leaving City Explorers. It’s not like I left a job that was actually earning me money, after all.

Aside from the all consuming job hunt, I spent most of this week at home. Not having work Monday – Thursday leave a lot of spare time, and I’ve been trying to make the most of it. I finished two books this week, did a fair bit of writing, managed to hit my blogging target (again), and went for a walk every day. Oh, and my sims are doing very well thank you very much. I didn’t feel great a few days this week, but nothing a few hours on the couch with my laptop and Pioneer Woman couldn’t fix.

In another random update, I’ve discovered that I love peanuts, dislike peanut butter, and LOVE things that taste like peanut butter (ice cream, chocolate, brownies etc). This isn’t relevant, I’m just telling you because I want to.

Next week looks set to be a lot busier: I’ve got an extra work shift at the museum (YAY), and we’ve got friends from Aus coming up for a visit. And hopefully I’ll find a job.

PS. I hope you now all have David Bowie stuck in your head because I do.


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