Exhausted: The Week In Review

My goodness, this week has been utterly crazy. So crazy that I only managed to read 2 Shadowhunters books (my current obsession), because I was spending the rest of the time being busy or being too exhausted to read! Argh!

The first fews days of the week passed in a flurry of productivity. I prepared five blog posts, did a fair bit of writing, and read City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. I’m still job hunting, so there was also a fair bit of sending out resumes and all that lovely stuff.

Then Wednesday arrived.

Because the museum I work at is part of a little tourism group in Edinburgh, I was lucky enough to attend a networking event at Camera Obscura, one of Edinburgh’s most well-known tourist attractions. I LOVED it so much more than I expected to, though I definitely need to come back to look at all the exhibits, as I spent most of the event eating squares of quiche (I bloody love quiche) and chatting to people from some of the other attractions. I also learned that a Camera Obscura is an actual thing (I’ve only heard them called Pinhole Cameras), and therefore felt like an idiot for not realising the connection for the past three years.

We also had friends over from Australia (well, two from Australia and one from the Lake District). I really enjoy being able to show people around Edinburgh. It’s not really an experience I had whilst living in Adelaide (the only people who came to visit were my parents), and there’s just something a bit more magical about showing people Edinburgh. Having friends up also meant LOTS of eating out. I felt like we absolutely gorged ourselves over the course of a few days (Wednesday night to Friday morning) – Wagamamas, glorious burgers, amazing food from our local pub, even a proper (although not the best) breakfast on Friday morning. It was incredible, but by Friday lunchtime I was ready to devour several vegetables. Next week might have to be a little lighter, food wise.

All of this excitement has left me thoroughly exhausted. I’ve learned something important (or, more accurately, realised something important) about myself these past few months. I love chatting to people, being social, interacting with people, and all that jazz, but my god does it tire me out. My inner introvert needs alone time to regain all the energy I lose from talking to people. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy socialising (mostly), but it takes away a lot of my energy. When you combine that with working in a strongly customer facing role, well, it tends to tire me out faster than normal. This, combined with a rather late night on Wednesday as Alex and his friend caught up, meant that by the time I got home I was pretty much relegated to lying in bed staring at YouTube videos until I fell asleep. Not the worst place to be, but I must say that finishing a book tonight was a nice return to the new normal.

Next week is SO exciting because I’m going to a preview of the Jacobite exhibit that’s opening at the National Museum of Scotland. Now, if you know anything about me, you’ll probably know that I’m pretty obsessed with the Jacobites, so I’m so bloody excited. Aside from that, it will hopefully be a bit quieter (and I’ll be able to finish some more books)…



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