Ending on a High – The Week In Review

You know those weeks where it feels like nothing actually happened, but the week still flew by in a flurry of things to do all the same? Yeah, that was this week. If I actually look back and consult my diary, I had a fair bit on, but by the time it got to Friday I felt as though I may as well have slept through Monday-Thursday completely.

The highlight of the week was undoubtedly the Jacobite exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland. One of the perks of working for such a well respected tourist attraction in Edinburgh is that we get invited to lots of different things happening in the city. On Tuesday, that was a preview of the new ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites’ exhibit. You may not know this about me, but I love the Jacobites. A pretty big chunk of my thesis last year focused on their portrayal throughout the early nineteenth century, particularly in popular fiction. I find the actual events surrounding the Jacobites fascinating, but at my heart is really the popularisation and romanticisation of the Jacobites after their defeat. Because of all of this I was obviously super excited to get to look at the exhibit. I knew going into it that I was going to have to come back several times to really get the most out of it, so this was essentially my tester run. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. There were so many different items on display, and so much information to take in, and it was incredible. I’m already planning a trip back soon to start my process of note/photo taking!

I also read a fair bit again this week. It’s so nice to finally be really getting back into reading. When I was younger, it barely took me any time to read even long novels, but as I got older and felt like time was slipping away, it took me longer and longer. Now, however, I’ve managed to find stories I’m excited to read, which means I’m not only reading more, but I’m also reading faster!

This week was also filled with job hunting and interviews. I don’t think anyone likes the process of job hunting, particularly not when it feels like it’s dragging on. Thankfully, though, I just got some great news! I’ve been offered another job! I start next Monday (10th July), and I’m pretty damn excited (partially as it means I can stop handing out resumes to random shops). It also means I’ve already ticked off one of July’s goals (carrying over from June).

So far, not all that much coming up next week aside from work, but hopefully that means I can be nice and productive.


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