The Week In Review: Into July

This week has been crazy. There must be something in the air in Edinburgh, because the past few days have just been hectic. Again, it’s been one of those weeks where I don’t feel like I’ve achieved as much as I should have, but that’s because the start of the week flew by so quickly, and before I knew it Thursday morning at arrived and it was time for work.

The one big piece of news this week is that I found a third job. Most of you know I used to work as a tour guide. Well, I’ve found another guiding job. I start my training for the company next week, but hopefully my experience in the field will make it a relatively quick process. That does of course mean that I’m now juggling three jobs. We’ll see how things pan out. I don’t yet know how many hours my retail job will give me a week, so I may well need the guiding job. If the guiding jobs turns out to be more regular and profitable than my last tour guide job was, I might not need the retail job at all, or might be able to do one shift a week and have it as a contingency in the off season. This is all a few weeks in the future though, but for now I’m just happy to not be job hunting anymore.

In other news, my beloved weenie (aka exchange flatmate who lives in Edinburgh) returned from visiting her family in New Zealand this week, which meant Starbucks and Wagamamas and ice cream, all of which were brilliant.

Next week is going to be hectic with work and training, but hopefully I’ll be reporting back in a week’s time with all good news!


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