The Expat Diaries: Don’t Give Up

There will come a point in the first few months of your great big life change when you want to give up. It doesn’t matter how much you want to be in your new city, how much you love most of your new life, how desperately you want things to work out. There will be a point when things get too hard, and you’ll want to throw in the towel, buy a one way flight back, and give up.

Don’t do this.

Even when you’re spending your nights curled up in bed crying and binge watching terrible Netflix, don’t give up.

Even when some of your family and friends tell you it would be easier if you just “came home”, don’t give up.

Even when it feels like there’s no possible way that things will work out, don’t give up.

Life is full of ridiculous challenges, and moving overseas (or interstate/across country) is probably one of the biggest. There were a few weeks in our first few months when Alex and I seriously considered giving up and going back to Australia. Sorting out a bank account was so complicated, we couldn’t find a flat, I couldn’t find work, we missed our friends and family, and the ease of life back in Adelaide urged us to give up.

But we didn’t.

Moving to Edinburgh was our dream last year, it was what got us through all the stresses that are so easy to forget once they’re behind you. We promised we’d give Edinburgh a go for a year, and breaking that promise would have left us both with more regret than we’d like.

So we stayed.

We stayed through the tears, the anxiety, the restless nights, the stress, the uncertainty.

And now we’re six months in. There’s still stress and uncertainty, but we both know we made the right decision.

So no matter what*, make the right decision. Don’t give up.

*obviously do what is best for your own health (both physical and mental), but aside from that


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