August is Coming – Week In Review

August is coming. Here in Edinburgh, that’s pretty much the equivalent to “Winter is Coming”. The city is filling with tourists, barricades are going up on the Royal Mile, posters advertising Fringe acts decorate every street corner, and a sense of deep resentment is building amongst Edinburgh locals.

The Fringe and the Tattoo are great for the city, and I can’t wait to experience them, but they do make Edinburgh rather unpleasant to live in. The path down to our flat is almost always filled with tourists, brandishing selfie sticks and staring in surprise when they realise people actually live here. Even some of the more secret pubs, cafes, and restaurants are being infiltrated. As for the Old Town, it may as well not exist.

I shouldn’t complain. It’s a small price to pay for living in such a gorgeous place, and getting to experience the Fringe without paying thousands for a room. August will end, the streets will empty, and as winter approaches the city will return to its normal self. Until Hogmanay, at least. 


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