An Update

Well, it’s been a busy few months. I honestly can’t believe it’s already December. I have 14 days of working left until the New Year, which also happens to be Alex and my 1 year anniversary of moving to Edinburgh. Since we got back from Australia at the start of November time has absolutely flown by – I’ve been busy back at work, Alex has thrown himself back into his life over here, we’ve had a friend visit us from Australia, and we’ve both gotten sick. Although it absolutely sucks being ill, in a way it was nice because it forced us (read: me) to actually stop and rest for the first time in a while. Although going back to Australia was great, it wasn’t exactly a relaxing holiday, and although I had a few days off before going back to work, it didn’t really feel like a proper rest. I would definitely have preferred to not spend the past 5 days in bed feeling miserable, but I feel better for it now (and I’ve actually given myself time to almost get over my illness – yay!)

So, what’s been happening over the past few weeks? Not a lot, but here’s a quick rundown:

  • We arrived back in Edinburgh, and I went back to work to discover I’d been voted employee of the month for last month. It was a completely unexpected surprise, but was a really great reminder of how much I enjoy working at H&M, and that the people I work with enjoy me being there.
  • Alex went off to Norway to see his friends, and I ventured out to the Christmas Markets opening on George Street to eat delicious bratwurst, mosey about the markets, and watch the fireworks from far too close (bits of burning paper and ash fell around me, and everyone ahead of me was smoked out and had to retreat).
  • Our friend (Alex’s best friend) Jared came over from Bendigo to visit us. It’s so nice having people come over to see us, and Christmas-time in Edinburgh is particularly wonderful. We wandered around the Christmas markets, the boys climbed Arthur’s Seat, we went on an adventure down to Northumberland (one of Alex and my favourite places in the UK), and the boys ventured up north to Glenfiddich. Then we all got sick and spent a few days resting and relaxing. We also spent a lot of time at our local fave, The Antiquary, eating amazing food and catching up on life.
  • Work held it’s annual Christmas party, and despite really not being a party person (hello anxiety), I had an amazing time. It was so much fun seeing my work friends outside the work environment, where everyone could let their hair down a little bit and have fun. Although I didn’t have quite as much to drink as everyone else, I spent the night laughing, taking ridiculous photos, and dancing to good old 90s/early 2000s classics.

Annoyingly, I have very few photos of any of these events, because I still have no phone. It met it’s tragic death way back in October, right before Alex’s sister’s wedding in Canberra. Upon returning home, I was promptly informed that the Samsung people couldn’t fix it, because the phone is from Australia not the EU. And because phones are expensive, I haven’t bought a new one yet. Hopefully I’ll get a replacement soon though, and get back into taking photos of everything for my instagram (and this blog).

So I think that’s a pretty good update of the past few weeks. Hopefully (I know I always say this) I’ll get back into regular posting this week, and keep you all a bit more up to date in the lead up to Christmas!


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