The First Week, One Year On

This time last year, Alex and I were just finishing up our first week in Edinburgh. A year ago, it was a week of jetlag, long rambling walks around our new city, too much Food Network (there’s only so many times you can watch The Hairy Dieters), and a lot of trying to let everything sink in. We were in our little AirB&B down in the colonies of Stockbridge, only a few minutes away from my favourite cupcake shop in Edinburgh. We hadn’t yet discovered the Tic, hadn’t gotten our flat in Dean Village (hadn’t even been down into Dean Village), didn’t have jobs or bank accounts or anything like that. It was all a bit of a blur, a dream come true that felt more like an adventure than a move.

Now, a year on, we’re well and truly into ‘ordinary life’. After a lazy New Years Day – no 7am walks without jetlag to get us up and out of bed – it was back to work for me, back to the routine of buses, bread rolls from tesco, and returning home after dark. It’s also been a bit of a shitty week, with lots of anxiety, personal difficulties, and a much needed mental health day to break up my work week. It’s not something I want to go into all that much, but I also think it’s important to be honest and point out that not everything is lovely and rosy. We’re in our wee Dean Village flat, buying groceries from the same local Sainsbury’s and Tesco, topping up my bus pass and taking out the rubbish and trying to avoid the gaggles of bundled up tourists. It’s a completely different world.

This week has really brought home just how different the beginning of this year has been. Last year, there was so much excitement, we were setting off an a ridiculous adventure with almost no actual plans for the quickly upcoming future, and I was almost giddy with the joy of being back in my favourite city. In a way, a lot of that excitement has worn off. Not in a negative way, just in a ‘well this is standard now’ way. It hasn’t been a week of exploring and dreaming, and that’s ok. It was great to start 2017 with the excitement of a new adventure, but, despite all the misery, it was equally nice to start 2018 with routine.

Hopefully next week is a bit more positive, though!


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