In Which Rachel Rambles About Coats

I was going to write a super heartfelt, emotional blog post, but I’m feeling really good today, so I decided to write something light and fluffy about something I love instead.


If you know me, you know I fucking love coats. If you don’t also love coats, you’d say I have a problem (Alex definitely says I have a problem). If you also love coats, you’ll understand me.

I’ve always loved coats, but I definitely think my real coat obsession began around the time I started at uni (and could buy ALL the coats). As a result of my coat obsession, I moved to Edinburgh with a fair number of cosy outerwear options ready for the long winter.

However, living in Edinburgh for a full year has taught me a fair amount about what to look for in a coat for Edinburgh vs a coat for Adelaide.

  1. Is it waterproof? It rains A LOT in Edinburgh. Like, a lot. It’s also super windy a lot of the time, which makes umbrellas a bit of a hazard. Having a waterproof coat is therefore an absolute must. Waterproofing isn’t quite so important in Adelaide.
  2. Does it have a hood? As mentioned above, it rains a lot over here, and umbrellas aren’t always that practical (or good at keeping you dry). This is where a hood comes in handy – it keeps your head dry and warm! This is never really something I put much thought into in Adelaide, although that could just be me being ridiculous.
  3. Is it actually warm though? Not all coats are created equal when it comes to cosiness. In Adelaide (where it doesn’t often get that cold), my main priority was always how a coat looks (yeah, I know), rather than how warm it was. In Edinburgh though, particularly over winter when it’s freezing with bitter winds and usually rain/sleet, the warmth of my coats overrules almost anything else. I still love all my coats, and wear them all, but I undoubtedly wear my two warmest coats more than my other, lighter coats, and my giant red cosy padded hooded warm parka the most of all over winter. Because it’s fucking freezing.
  4. Oversized is best. Wearing a giant puffy coat isn’t always the most figure flattering, but I’ve found that my bigger coats are the ones I wear more often over here in Edinburgh. This is mostly because I can fit my snuggliest, thickest jumpers under them and still move my arms around, which is not the case with my slimmer fitting coats. Now, this is a life lesson I learnt before I moved to Edinburgh, thanks to my dad always insisting I size up in my coats so a warm jumper would fit underneath them.

So there we go. They are my four coat-lessons from living in Edinburgh. Will this blog post help anyone? Probably not. Do I care? Nope. I fucking love my coats, and seeing as I haven’t gotten around to making a coat look book (will I ever make one, no one knows), this is the next best thing.




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