A Month In

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since we moved back to Adelaide. On the one hand, it feels like the time has gone so quickly that it can’t possibly already be a month since we arrived back, but on the other it feels like we’ve been back for so long that it can’t possibly only be a month since we moved.

Time is weird.

All things considered, I’d say we’re settling in rather well. Being back at uni and having that structure is really useful. Having somewhere to be weekdays (my office) and having goals to work towards not only makes me feel more settled, but it helps distract me from how much I miss Edinburgh.

I still miss Edinburgh a lot. I don’t think that’s going to change. It is getting a bit easier to manage, though. I’ve got a few mini interstate trips planned for the next few months, and hopefully within a few months we’ll also have moved into our own place, which definitely gives me a lot to look forward to.

Being back with my Adelaide friends is also great (although I really miss my Edinburgh friends). There are definitely lots of people we haven’t gotten around to catching up with yet, partly because I’ve been so busy but also because without the pressure of only having a limited amount of time in the city, it can be a bit hard to actually get things organised. I’ve also been making new postgrad friends, which definitely makes sitting in my office all day a lot less lonely than it could be.

So all in all things are going well. I’m still having down days, but they’re not happening as often, and they’re a lot less shitty, so hopefully that means I’m making progress.



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