#PostgradLife: Week 4

This week was a weird week. On Thursday I flew over to Melbourne to see my family, which meant I only had three days in my office (I did uni work the rest of the week as well, but it’s not quite the same when it’s done office-based).


9.45am: I seem to have settled into a routine where I get to uni at about 9.45 each morning, which, after a bit of faffing around, means I start work at about 10am.


10am: I didn’t actually do any Australian history as an undergrad, which now feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. Where I can, I try and sit in on my supervisor’s Monday morning Indigenous history lecture. A lot of the content is broadly relevant to my project, and it’s also a great way to get an overview of Australian/NZ Indigenous history in easy, undergrad-style chunks.


11.05am: After the lecture, it’s time (of course) to head to the library to pick up my requested books. Then, it’s back to the office to work.


1.30pm: Lunch time! One of my friends had a day off work, so we decided to go to a little Spanish brewhouse in the city for a potato platter and a catch up. Definitely not the shortest lunch, but a nice break in the busy work day!


3.30pm: Back to work for another hour!


5.30pm: Park time! Because I’ll be away for a few days this week/next week, I really wanted to make an effort to take Maggie to the park before I go, so she doesn’t feel too rejected. Also, Alex and my favourite good boy, Archie, is visiting from Melbourne, so we had to go and see him!



9.40am: Came in a bit earlier than usual because we had to drop Mutti (Alex’s mum) at art school. Which was good, because I had to run a few outside-of-uni-errands!


10.15am: Notebook purchased – time for uni!


10.30am: But first…hot chocolate.


10.40am: My main task for the day was to transfer my notes over from my old ratty notebook into my new, purpose-bought research notes book. It took literally all day.


6.30pm: A long day and a late finish – straight home for Indian and Grand Designs on the couch!



10am: Standard stop for hot chocolate and then straight into the office! I had SO much to get done before I left for Victoria on Thursday, so it was all business.


2pm: After sorting out my secondary sources into their categories and picking up a few more books from the library (and of course requesting more – always requesting), I organised my shelf so the books were sorted by category and then alphabetically, same as on my bibliography/reading list. I also made little labels, because I’m extra like that.


3pm: One of my friends arrived at uni after having been at work all day, so obviously the first thing we did was get a coffee and a late bite to eat. Priorities, you know.


5.30pm: I managed to get everything I needed to do done, which meant I could get home in time for the dog park!




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