#PostgradLife – Week 5

Today’s post-grad life is a bit different, because this week was thoroughly meh.

I originally wasn’t going to write anything for this week, but I decided it was important for my own sanity to have some record of the less productive weeks. It can be easy to convince yourself that everyone around you is being crazy productive whilst you’re just sitting there like a potato, but the reality is that every has slump weeks (just usually not all at the same time).

This week was definitely a slump week for me.

I flew back to Adelaide on Tuesday afternoon, and although I read a few articles in the lounge and on the plane, I’d hardly describe it as solid study time. Then on Wednesday I was knocked out with neck pain an headaches and general exhaustion, so I decided to stay home and just have a day off. I managed to read three more articles at uni on Thursday, but my head/neck were still causing me trouble, my brain was a bit foggy, and I just wasn’t really in the right headspace. Instead, I had a massage in the hopes it would relieve my neck pain (it didn’t), and set up a surprise for my post-grad friends when they come into uni over the next few days. My best-laid plans for a Good Friday spent at uni studying didn’t quite materialise – instead I gave myself the day off to watch property shows on lifestyle and set up my April BuJo spreads.

So, the end result for the week was five articles read, a treat left for my friends, neck pain, a lot of fun reading done, and a lot of podcasts listened to, and a pretty low mood overall.

This was the first week since I’ve started that I just didn’t really achieve anything, and couldn’t really get into the swing of things. I blame travelling between Melbourne and Adelaide, and my bloody neck. Despite my lack of achievements this week, I don’t feel particularly bad about the week. I’d achieved almost all of my March goals (academic-wise) before I left for Melbourne, and the final few articles I managed to read helped tick off the final task. Besides, expecting myself to have crazy productive weeks every week just isn’t realistic, and the earlier I accept that the better it will be for my mental health.

Hopefully next week will be a lot more productive, and my headspace will be a bit more conducive to study.


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