My plan at the start of this week (was that really only three days ago?!) was to have something well written and interesting for all of you to read today. But as I write this I’m lying in bed after a LONG day at uni, utterly exhausted. I forgot just how exhausting studying can really be. At the moment, I’m spending about 6 hours a day reading articles, brainstorming, thinking critically, and engaging with academic material, and by the end of it I’m absolutely knackered. I love studying, but it’s exhausting. Add in a quick workout, some flat-hunting online, two blog posts to write, and you get one exhausted Rachel.

I’m too tired to even read my book.

I thought about not writing anything tonight, but the rest of the week is just as crazy (you’ll find out all the details on Saturday in this week’s #postgradlife), and I know I won’t have time to write another post tomorrow or Friday. So this will just have to do.



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