#Postgradlife Week 9 – Multitasking

Last week was a week of insanity. Not only did I have a lot of reading to do in preparation for writing a lit review for my supervisors, I also spent the week house hunting with Alex, dog sitting, and pretending I was good enough at multitasking to handle all that.

So, a brief rundown of my week:

– Finished working out potential thesis structures and sent them through to my primary supervisor
– Had Rocket (one of the dogs I look after) picked up by his mum and taken home
– Started to fill in the reference tables in my notebooks for my secondary sources
– 4 house inspections
– Went to see Death of Stalin with Alex
– Read 2 (short) articles

– Continued filling out resource tables
– Listened to an information session for part of my postgrad program
– Read 4 articles
– Started filling out house application forms
– Bought extra stationery supplies from Officeworks
– 3 house inspections
– Lunch with honours friends
– Dinner with undergrad friends

– Dawn Service
– Tidied our room
– Did the build-up of laundry
– Attempted to read an article and then gave up
– History talk/gathering in the hills

– Read (approx) 20 articles or book chapters (yes, a lot of these were just skim-reading but still)
– Caught up on blog posts for the week
– Attended a workshop on the first postgrad milestone (not coming up until August but better to be prepared)
– General HDR admin
– Finished filling out source tables for my theoretical notebook

– Filled out house applications
– Sent off applications (with required ID/documentation/etc)
– Read a single chapter from one of my theoretical books
– Dog sat three dogs (plus “our” Kelpie)
– Watched a lot of Selling Houses Australia (had to happen – I deserved it)

– Finished reading my theoretical book
– Updated ‘dates read’ section in my endnote library
– Watched a lot of Friends
– Continued to dog sit

So, yeah, it was a crazy week, that to be honest left me feeling pretty drained. But, it paid off because Alex and I will soon be moving into our very own (rented) townhouse, and I managed to get a lot of my theoretical texts out of the way (at least for the time being). I think my uni-work-slump on Wednesday (it was required) contributed to me having to work on Saturday (I don’t usually do any uni work on the weekend), but I wasn’t really in a post-colonial theory mood after waking up at 5.30am.

Multitasking, for me at least, is one of the most draining parts of studying. I don’t mind spending all day researching, but it’s all the other things on top of that which can really start to get to me and pull at my energy levels. Hopefully, I won’t have a week as mad as this again for a while (I’m hoping the week we move into our new place will be slightly less crazy on the uni front), because I think one every few months is more than enough.


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