#Postgradlife – Week 10

I was too busy to take photos this week, so you’ll all just have to deal with another text-based post for this week.

Last week’s theme of multitasking continued into this week. True, I wasn’t house hunting, but somehow my to-do list for the week also had to make room for my friends’ graduation, clothes shopping with Alex, dog park time, fabric shopping with Alex’s mum, a computer installation at uni, a Drs appointment, and a drive to Clare for our friend’s wedding today (Saturday).

So that was my non-uni list for the week, combined with updating my reading list, reading an academic book, borrowing books from the library, planning my lit review, completing three CaRSt courses, fitting in 50 minutes of Maori, and dropping off/emailing people about a whole bunch of HDR admin.

Let’s just say that I was ready for Friday night at the motel in Clare.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), the reality of postgrad life is that it’s full of multitasking and compromise. As great as it would be if the entire world could grind to a halt for two years while I do my masters, it’s just not going to happen. But I think that’s a good thing. It’s so easy to make the mistake of throwing yourself so heavily into study that you forget about all the other things that are actually kinda important for your mental health/general wellbeing. Spending the week in my office when most of my office buddies were working from home/not around really made me realise how important that aspect of socialisation is. Without it, I’d probably go insane.

This upcoming week is going to be even more hectic than the past fortnight. We’re moving into our house (which will also involve wrangling utilities/internet), shifting furniture and belongings, whilst also trying to write a literature review and still fit in time for everything else. But hey, that’s just life.


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