In Which Rachel Rambles About: Edinburgh

I try not to post too often about how much I miss Edinburgh. Thankfully, my life has been so hectic since we came back in February that I’ve had a lot to keep my mind busy. But even though I don’t talk about it too often (at least not to people outside my Edinburgh friendship group), I really, REALLY do miss Edinburgh.

It’s hard, because missing Edinburgh always manages to feel like a slight on what I’m currently doing. I’m loving my masters. I’ve made amazing new friends and reconnected with older ones. It’s wonderful to be back dog sitting and seeing all my fur-nephews and nieces at the dog park most nights. It’s dangerous (but great) to once again have free access to savoury shapes and Allens Killer Pythons. It’s nice to be within three hours of my family, instead of within thirty. When I say I miss Edinburgh, people sometimes look at me as though that means I’m not enjoying being back in Australia. I am, and the opportunities I have over here just wouldn’t be possible in the UK (I’m looking at you, research scholarship).

But fuck me, I miss Edinburgh.

I miss my cosy wee flat in Dean Village, with its tiny kitchen and lack of bathroom door. I miss coming home through a literal story-book village every night into my flat, lying on the futon and watching Food Network or sitting next to Alex’s desk in the study while he played video games with his friends.

I miss popping into Waterstones, with its view of the castle and its delicious cupcakes, and browsing all the books I wouldn’t be able to fit in my flat.

I miss Tesco, with its affordable orange juice and delicious cookies.

I miss my job, all my jobs I had over there. I miss showing people around the city. I miss laughing with Gillian in the Museum on the Mound when it was Sunday at 3pm and no one had come to visit in an hour. And I miss H&M (although NOT the Divided skirts).

Mostly, I miss my friends. The people I met in Edinburgh were some of the most incredible, caring, hilarious, gorgeous, intelligent, warm hearted people I’ve ever met. I miss them every single day. I miss going to Maccas (I managed to get Maccas to catch on) on lunch breaks because we just NEEDED chicken nuggets. I miss the bus rides home where we’d just chat. I miss shuffling along an icy path clutching each other as we try not to fall. I miss how great they are.

Perhaps all of this has just bubbled to the surface recently, because life has been crazy busy (and not always particularly calming) and it’s not long now til we’re back in Edinburgh for a few short weeks.

Regardless of the reason, this is my blog and I’ll whinge about how much I miss Edinburgh if I want to.


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