#Postgradlife Weeks 20-22

The past three weeks have been crazy busy, which is why I haven’t posted anything on here.

On the 20th (Friday) I had my 6 month CCSP presentation, which was basically just 20 minutes of me explaining as much of my project as possible to a room full of people and then answering their questions. Sounds easy enough, but let me tell you that fitting a 5,000 word research proposal and 6 months of work into 20 minutes is actually impossible. I stressed myself out trying to fit in as much as possible (there wasn’t a lot of guidance for me to follow), before finally admitting defeat and prioritising what information I actually put in. It can be so hard to leave things out, particularly when you’re at the stage where EVERYTHING seems crucial, but it was a good experience to re-focus and think critically about the most important aspects of my project.

It’s now only 2 weeks (and a few days) before we leave for Europe, so the pressure is really on to finish up my proposal and get everything submitted before we leave. I definitely feel on top of things, it’s just a matter of not getting complacent and switching to holiday mode before my holiday has actually started. Although I am planning to have a proper holiday (I figure the six month milestone is a good point to have a bit of a break), we are planning at least one exciting research trip whilst we’re in France, which I’m looking forward to planning a bit more once I have the time.

It’s mad how quickly this month (actually this past 6 months) have flown by, but I think it’s because I’ve been so busy. Writing a 20 minute presentation and a 5,000 word research proposal, finishing off ethics approval, preparing a bunch of paperwork, finishing some readings, and looking after multiple dogs is a lot to fit into a month. It’s only recently that I’ve taken a step back and thought about how busy I actually am. Instead of stressing out about not being able to fit enough into the day/week, I’ve actually been appreciating how hard I’ve been working, and how ready I am for a holiday!


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