New Zealand Week 3: Wellington

This week has been…interesting.

I’ll be straight up, hand-on-heart honest. This week was not as productive as I had hoped.

The main reason for this is that my body final succumbed to some sort of cold/allergy/you have a sensitive back and you’ve been sleeping on crappy pillows for almost three weeks now breakdown. So parts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were spent getting back into bed by around midday, taking nuremol for my increasing tension headache, mapping, and going through A LOT of tissues. Not exactly the glamorous holiday or productive research trip we all hoped for. I did still get things done on these days (more on that in a second), but my productivity and motivation were pretty short lived.

My productivity also took a bit because my motivation dipped a bit. My structure has been caused me a few niggling issues, and even though I’m still really passionate about my project I think I hit a stage this week where I was just feeling a bit meh. Which was weird. On the one hand, I’d just had great talks with people at the Christchurch conference, coupled with a wonderful research experience. On the other, I just felt a bit small. I don’t really know how else to describe it. I had pretty much gotten over it by Friday morning, but then of course I was struck down again so didn’t really achieve much.

But enough of the moping. Here are the things I did this week that we’re pretty awesome:

On Tuesday I plotted out my first chapter! Yay!

On Wednesday I held one of my research interviews, and it was enlightening and inspiring.

On Thursday I had early access to Gallipoli: Scale of our War to take notes and photos for my research.

On Thursday I also went to The Great War Exhibition, which deserves its own post, and got heaps of great material for my research.

It’s not a crazy long list, and there are also a few things I’ve more kept to myself, but hey, victories are victories. I’m (hopefully) feeling better now, and looking forward to a good weekend and a productive final week in New Zealand!


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