New Zealand Weekend 4: Goodbyes

This weekend was my last weekend in New Zealand. I can’t believe how quickly the past month has gone, but at the same time it feels like I’ve been in New Zealand forever. Weird.

I didn’t do anything crazy for my last weekend. I mostly just wanted to soak up a little bit more of Wellington before I head back to Adelaide.

My Saturday began with brunch at Fidel’s. It’s a local institution, and this was the first weekend I was organised enough to get there before the queue to get in was too long. Once again I wildly overestimated how much I could eat, but what I did eat was delicious.

I then wandered down Cuba St and along the waterfront, picking up some last minute gifts and soaking up Welly. Then, I caught the bus out to Miramar for my afternoon of Weta fun!

First up was the Thunderbirds set tour. I’ve been a fan of the original Thunderbirds for as long as I can remember (Alan = my og love), and even though I haven’t seen the new version I was excited to see the sets. We were only allowed to take photos in a few bits, but obviously it was awesome.

After the Thunderbirds tour I headed to my ‘Craft with the Crew’ afternoon. We had a special behind the scenes tour, which included a few awesome props and costumes you don’t get to see on the regular tours, and then sat down to make chainmail and fake blood. I honestly had the best time, and would even recommend it for non-lotr-obsessed people.

After a wonderful Sunday sleep in I set off to (you guessed it) the harbour to soak up the sun and mope about having to leave. I actually spent most of Sunday catching up with a friend from Edinburgh, who now lives in Dunedin, who happened to be in Wellington. It was awesome to see him and catch up on how our lives have been. A lovely end to a lovely month.

I’ll probably write a proper NZ wrap up post at some point, but for now I’m just going to enjoy my last night in Wellington and try to get a good night’s sleep before my 8.30am flight back to Aus!


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