A New Adventure

We're moving back to Australia. Somehow I've managed to put off writing this post for weeks. I'm not entirely sure why I didn't want to post it. I am excited to be going back. But, of course, it's a bittersweet goodbye, so perhaps I just didn't want it to be published on the internet real … Continue reading A New Adventure


The Snow Really Stuck

Last week, on Wednesday, it snowed all day. A lot. So much that, by the evening, there were a few inches of snow covering everything. I'd never seen so much snow, so obviously Alex and I went on a nighttime adventure around Dean Village to soak it up. I still have no phone, and I … Continue reading The Snow Really Stuck

Expat Diaries: In Which Rachel Rambles About Living Overseas

As you're reading this, Alex and I are either somewhere in the air or have just landed back in Australia, ready for our "holiday". Not that it feels much like a holiday, but you try convincing a bunch of Europeans that three weeks in Aus isn't really a holiday. I've given up. As I'm writing … Continue reading Expat Diaries: In Which Rachel Rambles About Living Overseas