A Month In

I can't believe it's been over a month since we moved back to Adelaide. On the one hand, it feels like the time has gone so quickly that it can't possibly already be a month since we arrived back, but on the other it feels like we've been back for so long that it can't … Continue reading A Month In


Officially Weird

Well, we're back. And it's officially weird. Our flight actually landed in Adelaide on Sunday night, but I wanted a few days to myself before I went around broadcasting to everyone I know that I'm back in Adelaide. Because we're back for (relative) good this time, there hasn't really been any rush to see everyone … Continue reading Officially Weird

A Splash of Tartan – Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2017

On August 22nd, Alex and I ticked off a pretty huge bucket list item and went to watch the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. It was, quite frankly, even more spectacular than I expected. There's something about hundreds of musicians, singers, and dancers, all standing in front of you on the castle esplanade, with fireworks and light … Continue reading A Splash of Tartan – Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2017