Moving Day

We're officially in our new flat. We'd already paid for our AirB&B until the end of February when we got our flat, and because of the stress that was setting up UK bank accounts/utilities/internet/everything we decided to stay in our wifi filled AirB&B flat until the HAD to leave. Which was yesterday. I must say, at … Continue reading Moving Day

A (Very Brief) Guide to Edinburgh – Part 1

I’m leaving Edinburgh today. *tears* Actually, technically at the time of writing this I’ve left Edinburgh.  I’m actually sitting in a little restaurant/café called Ca’puccino in ‘The Queen’s Terminal’ (aka Terminal 2) at Heathrow.  I have two and a half hours until my flight. And I’m really fucking mad. We’re talking next level, scary mad.  … Continue reading A (Very Brief) Guide to Edinburgh – Part 1